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East Nusa Tenggara
Rp. 12.500.000
Rp. 10.000.000
20% OFF
Description :

Price includes :
- Citilink PP Ticket + 20 KG Luggage
- Pick up & drop off at Labuan Bajo Airport
- Transfer & Pick Up From Hotel to Harbor & Harbor Back to Hotel
- Hotel Local Collection Day 1 & Day 4 (Include Breakfast)
- Drone For Video While Snorkeling / Watersport
- Stay on Lexxi Phinisi / Dahayu Ship (With Private Room) 4 days 3 nights
- Eat 3 times a day while on the ship
- Day 2 & 3 Stay on Ship
- Private Cabin on the Ship
- Day 4 Back to Labuan Bajo (Loccal Collection

Medan – Hotel travel details :
- Day 1 Guests Depart from Medan to Labuan Bajo
- Pick up from airport to hotel
- Day 1 & 4 free program while at the local collection hotel
- Day 4 transfer Back to airport for flight Back to Medan

Travel details while on board:
Komodo Island Itinerary 3D2N

Start trip : 10.00-11.00
End trip : 10.00-11.00

Day 1 ( Moringa - Manjarite - Kalong Rinca )
10.00-11.00 Gather at the meeting point
11.00-11.30 Start Trip from Labuan Bajo to Kelor Island
11.30-12.30 moringa island trekking, take pictures and return to the ship
12.30-13.00 lunch & head to Manjarite Island
13.00-15.00 arrive at manjarite island, snorkel, take photos and return to the boat
15.00-17.30 Head to the island of bats Hunting sunset activity and wait for the arrival of the bats, free time, and overnight on the boat

Day 2 ( Padar - Pink beach - Komodo island Taka Makassar - Manta point )
05.00-07.00 In the morning, morning call, prepare tracking of Padar Island
07.00-08.30 Breakfast and go to pink beach
08.30-10.00  Arrive at pink beach, take photos, take video with drone and relax    To komodo island
11.30-14.00 . Arrive at komodo island and hunt komodo
14.00-17.00 Go to Taka Island and after arriving at Taka Makassar, take fun photos, take videos and snorkel
17.00-18.00 The journey continues to Manta point for snorkeling (snorkling with Manta rays) after being satisfied playing water, the journey continues to Kanawa Island for overnight.

Day 3 ( Kanawa - Labuan Bajo )
07.00-07.30 Morning call and prepare to go down to Kanawa Island
07.30-09.00  Arriving at Kanawa, snorkeling, taking photos and returning to the ship
09.00-10.00 Back to Labuan Bajo
10.00-11.00 Arriving at the port, drop off to the center and return to the hotel / airport.

•Itin may change according to conditions and situations.
•Itin may change in case of FORCE MAJEURE.

*This itinerary is tentative or can change at any time
*Destinations may change depending on ocean currents