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6 Easy Tips To Make Traveling Equipment More Durable

14 December 2021 - News 3 Min

Who likes traveling? Of course, those of you who like traveling have personal equipment, which is often taken when traveling, right?
"Although not as beautiful as a rainbow"
It's time for you to give special treatment to Traveling equipment properly and correctly. So that you don't always buy and busy yourself if you want to travel again.
That way, traveling equipment to last a long time, you must know the tricks and tips.
Money to spend on vacation will not be a worry.
Here are tips for making travel gear more durable and more durable.
Let's read on...!

1. Clean

Yups .. indeed all things must first be clean!
Is not it?
So make sure the equipment you take traveling after returning home must be cleaned. So that
Dirt, sweat, campfire fumes, detergents, and body oils (not cooking oil y!) that interfere with the comfort of your equipment are gone.
But don't forget to also clean your body. (So that he stays comfortable when you meet him hehehe).
Cleaning their backpacks or suitcases and friends after a trip can definitely help prolong their life.

2. Empty all pockets

The second trick is to empty all the pockets in your backpack or suitcase. Because if there are objects in the bag, for example, food scraps or metal materials. Over time it will turn rotten or rusty.
So… you must have cried seeing it. "Like the lyrics of Mbak Rossa's song "I cry at the thought of ..."
So try to check it more carefully before storing it for a long time.

3.Dry Before Save

If you are traveling, you really like wearing boots. Never dry it under direct sunlight. Or not drying it at all (that's even more dangerous). You may have learned this lesson the hard way. Shoes can get moldy and smell very quickly when you leave them wet or even damp.

Just take a moment for a long good. Because you should do it.

4. Maintenance 

Did you know that you have to do maintenance / re-maintenance on your traveling equipment?
If you haven't looked at raincoats, tents, boots and other equipment in a very long time or simply ignored it. You will certainly be surprised to see travel equipment items when you want to use them again.
Most items that are not maintained or cared for will experience natural damage.
So.. occasionally look at your traveling stuff. While remembering the experience of traveling with joy.

5. Save in the right place

Sometimes having parents who are caring even if it's just commanding is very beneficial.
Bad habits often occur when storing traveling equipment. (Haphazard).
It is better to store it in a good place, it is very beneficial so that your traveling equipment will last longer. Such as keeping it away from light, humidity, temperature extremes, dust, and insects.
If you have a dust-proof plastic bag, your items will be protected from dust and insects that can damage your equipment.
Try to keep your bag out of direct sunlight (which can cause fading over time), and store it in a dry place.

6. Don't Overpack

If your luggage is straining the seams of the backpack, and you keep forcing it in then you have to kneel on top of it to close it. It was wrong packing. Don't be surprised when the zipper finally fails to do its job.
Maybe the items you carry are too much or the arrangement of items is not optimal. So it happened as above.
For this reason, the solution for the two possibilities is that you have to choose the right items for traveling and neatly arrange the items to be carried.
If that's not also possible the last solution you have to use a suitcase that has a wider load.
(remember not to be forced y. "Like Siti Nurbaya's love story") Hehehehe…
Those are some light tips for those of you who really like traveling. And still want to be loyal to traveling goods.
You have to do the simple tips above even though other activities are waiting.