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Hello guys, Seindo Travel Fair has been launched and you can look for the tour packages that you want. This time, we wants to teach you how to shop at the Seindo Travel Fair. 



Sub Category Seindo Travel Fair

There are 2 sub categories at the Seindo Travel Fair, namely: 

  • Tour package 
  • Hotel


So, what's the difference between this and the main Seindo Travel website? Yes, the difference is clear, at the Seindo Travel Fair, it has been highlighted that the prices for tours and hotels are very low. Trust me, if you compare everywhere, the price will definitely go down. Come on, let's break down each sub category. 


Tour package

So here, the tour packages, guys, all you have to do is find out which tour package you think is really interesting, and fits your pocket. Inside is the Itinerary and the number of participants who take part in the tour package. Now, if you have found it, you can click on the Book button directly, then you will be taken to the personal data entry page. Now, in filling out this personal data, you fill in one of the tour participant data, yes. Now after that, when you have input it, you guys will be brought to the payment page, now, click payment, when you have finished paying, guys, will wait for confirmation from the tour organizer, after confirmation, friends will be contacted and will be explained in the next step. 



At Hotel section, it's the same as the tour, choose the hotel you want to book, and just like the tour package, you just need to enter the personal data that will be staying, now, if you have, you will be taken to the payment page again. After paying, you will receive a notification that your order has been paid. Well, this hotel is in the form of a voucher, so as long as it hasn't expired, you can use it, you can read the terms and conditions in your order description. Well, how do you nuker it? It's easy. You just need to live chat or call the Seindo Travel office to determine the date of your stay. In the future, it will be updated to the input system on the web, to make it easier for you, so you don't have to call or live chat again to Customer Service. 


Maybe that's all I want to share first, I hope you enjoy cheap tour packages and cheap hotel bookings provided by Seindo Travel Fair